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#51 2008-09-20 12:39:09

From: berlin
Registered: 2006-07-08
Posts: 502

Re: Making Pots More Accurate

I always had the impression that SIDs are male anyways, while teebes and TRs are female to my concetion...

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#52 2009-08-06 12:13:37

From: le mans
Registered: 2007-09-26
Posts: 51

Re: Making Pots More Accurate

firestARTer wrote:

Yep, it actualy decreases the need of the full resistor value. You can calculate this by some simple electronics calculations:

T = R*C
T = 470K * 1000pF (the capacity is taken from the original datasheet)
T = 0,47m

Then you use the formula to get the new capacity depending on your resistor: (lets take 200k for example)
C = T / R
C = 0,47m / 200k
C = 2,35 nF   ( but they are not possible to get, so 100K and 4,7nF are just fine, or you would have to use 2 x 4,7nF and put them in a row )

Thats for your education!!

I tryed to solder 4,7nf and 100k pots, but the pots are not really 100k  (92/95k) so I need to calculate the good value for the capacitor to make the pots more accurate.




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