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#1 2012-12-15 18:51:44

Gianas Sister
Registered: 2012-09-04
Posts: 26

Mssiah upgrades in future?

Looking at the manuals from – then I can see that the manuals is dated as 2009, so that’s actually 3 years ago and under  FAQ they write:

- Are you currently working on any new interesting products?
“There are ideas and prototypes in the pipeline that has not yet been approved for full development/production. Keep your eyes open.!”

So the cartridge has now 3 years behind – have anyone heard about any upgrades? Something I miss is the midi-out option, so you can use your C64 as midi-master to control other units or maybe sending mici-clock.
Maybe a new sequencer, like a tracker. (so you have the option)

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#2 2012-12-17 22:52:33

Gianas Sister
Registered: 2012-09-04
Posts: 26

Re: Mssiah upgrades in future?

I got this answer from 8bit ventures

Sorry, MIDI output is less likely to be implemented into the MSSIAH.
Since there are too many available sequencer programs on the Mac/PC the
effort of
making the C64 a master sequencer is not worth it. After all, the main
thing about
the C64 is its internal audio capabilities.

But I do agree having the C64 control a whole setup is a cool thought!

Best regards
/Robin Eriksson, 8bit ventures



#3 2013-01-20 20:14:05

Gianas Sister
From: Thuringia, Germany
Registered: 2011-06-09
Posts: 28

Re: Mssiah upgrades in future?

Well, if there's any planning for upgrades, new versions or new features of MSSIAH, here comes my wish list of realistic improvements for a new sequencer:

Instrument editor:

1. a wider range for filter settings, maybe 256 (8 Bit), minimum 128: especially in the lower frequencies smallest one step adjustments make too big differences in the sound and resonance or "jump" in to the cut off. Additionally, a setting option for a whole arrangement/project for defining the individual cut off frequency of a SID were really usefull. Then an ENV wouldn't fall beneath.

2. a possibility to invert the LFO and ENV by a one bit check box. There were so many situations I wished exactly the opposit behaviour of both, i. e., ENV like this curve:  \/

Arrange window:

3. patterns shorter or wider than 16 x 1/16 notes for other measures then 4/4, maybe controlable through the control patterns.

4. using the control sequences for putting informations (6 or 8 bit) on the userport for every 1/16 note, not for prophet64, but to control FX devices (i.e. putting reverb, delay OR distortion on and off).


5. MIDI-Clock out for cascading more than one C64.

6. Using MIDI-Out to control FX-equipment.

This were helpful!

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#4 2013-01-27 20:06:46

D Vibe
The Last Ninja
From: Sweden
Registered: 2007-02-03
Posts: 254

Re: Mssiah upgrades in future?

Controlling the MSSIAH successor via USB would be nice smile



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