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#1 2010-01-20 18:30:23

Reverend Emi
Registered: 2009-03-04
Posts: 19

Newbie pot question - pots & mouse

I've never attempted a pot mod on my c64s, mostly because there's one thing I've never figured out well:

since all the wiring is done on the control ports, does a "standard" 4-pot mod make any interference with the use of a 1351 mouse (through Micromys v3 emulator), once plugged in? Since my principal use of the MSSIAH is the sequencer app, a C64 without mouse wouldn't be very useful... a possible solution to the problem could be installing pots with integrated on\off switch?



#2 2010-01-21 23:46:13

The Last Ninja
From: West London
Registered: 2009-04-12
Posts: 258

Re: Newbie pot question - pots & mouse

yes pots interfere with 1351 mouse, on/off switch like in alpha mod will be ok but when you set your pots to max(open) they not interfere anymore so no worries. but if you use sequencer mainly better leave C64 intact.



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