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#1 2011-08-20 10:28:50

Bloody beginner
Registered: 2011-07-24
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how do i control my mssiahsoftware? (mouse/pots etc..) please help!


i inserted dualsid in my breadbin.
soundchecked and it works (ecept for some background noise, but that can be fixed)

i have mssiah software.

now i would like to start using the software on the mssiah, but i have no clue how to control it.
i mean, i know the shortcuts on the keyboard, but thats not handy when you're producing...
I know people mod their c64 with pots, mouse, etc...
can someone please point me out what the next step is i should do?

so i have:
breadbin c64
dualsid installed
extra audio jack outputs installed and working
ready for use

but can't control mousepointer, have no joystick, no pots or anything, but i'm ready for the next mod step
in order to use my c64.

can you please also provide some technical info on if i should need pots, which ones i should buy, and what pots actually do/control etc...

some help would be really greatfull, as i'm virtually ready, the c64 is waiting to be used... :-)

thank you anyone for your time and help!!




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