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#1 2006-07-25 07:52:46

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A thought: VIC-II RAM

A while ago, people in the COMP.SYS.CBM newsgroup were wondering what you could do to make a better C64.
Ideas like 65k colours popped up, along with some other totally unrealistic things like enormous memory or vast sound possibilties.
To my opinion this would only deteriorate tha C64 as it would be 1) harder to program and 2) go beyond the charms of the machine.

I kept thinking about improvements that could be made without losing the architecture and/or the 'power' of the C64.
This morning an idea popped up in my head: RAM2VIC smile

Would it be possible to add more RAM to a C64, just for graphics?
So, a separate RAM which only the VIC can read.

I was thinking along the lines of the character ROM, which, under 'normal' conditions, is VISIBLE (like it, you can see the content in HIRES) but can't be READ (like ?PEEK(4096)).
By changing the register at $01, you can READ it, though. Only because it's ROM, you can't change it.
But now matter what, it's always visible in HIRES mode at $1000-$1FFF and $9000-$9FFF.

Now what if you'd put a RAM chip next to it, say like 16K at $4000-$7FFF?
And you would be able to write to it with a certain setting of $01.
Now you'd only have to construct a way so VIC would always read from there, instead of the $4000-$7FFF in the current RAM.

What would be the technical limitations to do this?

If everything is under control, you're not going fast enough.



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