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#1 2006-07-07 12:24:52



There has been alot of discussion about Prophet64 and the DTV lately, this is the official reply from

DTV compatibility has in fact quietly been on the Prophet64 agenda for some time. Right now though, as you all probably understand, priority is releasing the Cartridge edition. When things quite down a bit later (after the summer), a DTV fix will be taken into account.

Since a cartridge port for the DTV is yet to be seen, the fix has to focus on the free software editions for which development will be discontinued after the Cartridge release (you'll understand why when you get to see the cartridge apps!). A DTV add-on feature would then only be a minor fix and not a full scale migration to the DTV-platform (unless of course the DTV-manufacturer requests it, we'll might look into it).

Reports on this forum states that the DTV SID lacks filters which kind of lowers the interest for the product as a target platform for music applications. Drummer edition (not using filters) is an exception, possibly the Mono Synthesizer too.

Needless to say, we do not want to see any third-person's additions of the Prophet64 software. With such a huge amount of hard work put into this program, we'd like to keep it our baby. Besides, quick & dirty fixes and hacks would seriously degrade the quality level we try to uphold. The Prophet64 is not released under any GNU license and has not and will not release any of it's source code.

Until looking into the DTV, feel free to continue discussing the DTV in the context of the Prophet64 on this forum. We'll collect your input later on.

Stay tuned for the cartridge release. Sorry it has been delayed once again but this time we're almost there. A final release date will be up very shortly.

Best regards

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